Unleashing The Power Of Personal Branding, The Compounding Effect Of Social Media That Builds Your Influence

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3 min readFeb 13, 2023
Unleashing The Power Of Personal Branding

“Do I need a brand?” — Katharina Zeuch, CEO of Luna Vision, recently spoke about that topic at a community event organized by Crypto Girls Club and H.E.R. DAO, followed by an engaged discussion with the audience and further questions on how to get a personal brand started and how to overcome imposter syndrome. Katharina emphasized that a personal brand can help you define your narrative and control the message that others receive about you. As she put it, “If you don’t want someone else to define you, you have to do it yourself.” She also pointed out that people are naturally more engaged with faces than companies, and that a personal brand can thus be supporting a project or startup.

Author: Carmen Rodriguez

Overcoming the Challenge of Personal Branding

Branding can be overwhelming, especially with the pressure to be present on multiple platforms. Katharina advised the audience to start small, e.g. just one platform, and build from there. Her tips for getting started:

  • Start with 2–3 posts per week, and be consistent with these.
  • Define areas of interest and use Google Alerts to find inspiring content that can be used for your personal brand.
  • Reuse your content in different formats or platforms.

The Power of Consistency and Multiple Touchpoints

Katharina delved into the concept of the compounding effect of branding and how it can positively impact your career in the long run. She explained that when it comes to personal branding, it’s important to keep in mind that the impact of your efforts may not be immediately noticeable. In the early stages of building your brand, not many people may be aware of your presence on LinkedIn or other social platforms. However, as you consistently create content and engage with others in your network, you will gradually start to build multiple touchpoints that allow you to reach more people and establish your presence in the industry. Over time, people will begin to approach you and say things like “Hey, I saw you on Instagram,” indicating that your personal brand has started to have a real impact on your professional life.

Tips for Boosting Your Personal Brand Online

Finally, Katharina offered some advice for making it easy for people to connect with you online. She suggested creating QR codes that lead directly to your profile, making it simple for people to follow you. Without this, they would have to manually type your name, and you may lose their attention. In conclusion, personal branding is crucial for anyone looking to establish a presence in the world of cryptocurrency. By following the tips shared by Katharina Zeuch, women in the industry can take control of their narrative and empower themselves in their careers.

About Katharina Zeuch

Katharina Zeuch is a blockchain enthusiast passionate about creating innovations to drive blockchain adoption forward. After falling into the blockchain rabbit hole in 2017, she worked in academic blockchain research and education, before she entered the crypto marketing space. After realizing that many startups in this field were struggling with getting traction, she founded Luna Vision — a blockchain marketing agency focused solely on crypto startups. Get connected to Katharina via LinkedIn.

About Luna Vision

Luna Vision is a blockchain marketing agency with its roots in the blockchain ecosystem. We offer data-focused marketing to blockchain startups. With a deep understanding of blockchain technology, we can best promote your products created and running within the blockchain ecosystem and “translate” to your customers — may they be already included in the ecosystem or still be new here.



Luna Vision

Luna Vision is a blockchain marketing agency with its roots in the blockchain ecosystem. We offer data-focused marketing to blockchain startups.